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⭐️ The Sodfather Select All In Bulk Package - 1000sq.ft.

Product Details
⭐️ The Sodfather Select All In Bulk Package ⭐️

This Package Includes Everything You Need To Complete a New Lawn Installation:

- 1000sq.ft. Premium Kentucky Bluegrass Sod (100% Bluegrass “Less Water” Blend)

- 4.5 Cubic Yards of Freshly Screened Topsoil, Delivered Bulk (No Bag = More Savings)

- 3 Bags of Our Five Star Fertilizer - Roots n Shoots (Root Starter Fertilizer)

- 1 Bag of All Season Fertilizer to Cover 1000sq.ft.

- Free Delivery

- No Pallet Deposit

⭐️ We Have Designed This Package with Homeowners In Mind and Value as Our Top Priority. Further To That, The Sod and Soil Delivery May Be Split Into Different Dates To Ensure Fresh Sod When You Are Finally Ready To Lay It! ⭐️

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