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Please Note:
Orders Under 400sq.ft. are Subject to 24-72 Hour Lead Time.
Saturday Orders Must Be Ordered Prior to 1pm Friday to Guarantee Delivery Time.
Bulk Products Must Be Ordered Separately Than Sod, Except for our DIY Packages.
Please Select The Correct Shipping Method at the End of The Order.

Shredded Charcoal Mulch

In stock
Product Details

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Bulk Material is Delivered by Cubic Yard, as Such Please Input How Many Cubic Yards you Require in the Quantity to Place Accurate Order.

GARAUNTEED TO MAKE YOUR YARD POP: Our Charcoal Mulch is that Beautiful Black Mulch that makes every other bit of Color POP around it. From the Lush Kentucky Bluegrass to your Beautiful Flower Beds, Even the Trim of Your House, The Black Shredded Mulch Brings out Incredible Color and Gives Yards a Sleep, Modern and Head Turning Look.

Our Rock and Mulch Products are Delivered Bulk. If you have ever shoveled rock or mulch out of a bag, you know exactly what we mean, its no fun! We do not believe in charging people extra for a bag that, on top of being bad for the environment, makes shoveling the product 10 times harder. We believe in making our product easily accessible and not sticking you with a bag that you have no use for afterwards. Please keep this in mind when ordering, so you can plan the placement of your product accordingly.

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