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Sod Installation and Replacement Services

- Specializing in Rejuvenating Your Lawn for Over 18 Years -

Sodfather Sod Installation Calgary
Fresh Sod Installation Calgary
Pet Friendly Sod Calgary Sully The Sod Dog
Residential Sod Installation

Whether its a New Home, or just a new Area you would like Grass, you have come to the Right Place! The Sodfather has specialized in Residential Sod Installation for over 18 years! 

Our Installation Process is Simple and Our Pricing is Based on Your Specific Needs, that way, You Aren't Paying a Bloated Cookie Cutter Price, and Only Pay for The Services You Require.

A Typical Installation starts with Detailed Preparation on the area, this includes, but is not limited to, Weed, Rock and/or Debris Removal. This allows us a clean slate for the Leveling Process. From there we provide Nutrient Rich Topsoil that is Freshly Screened, and start to apply this to the area in order to adjust the Grade (Level) to the Optimal Outcome. This Step is crucial, as it is The Base on which your Sod will Grow, so we need to make sure we know where the Water will Flow. In order to assess this we Roll the soil to give it a slight Pack to identify and eliminate any High or Low Spots. Once the Grade is Approved, the area receives an Application of our "Roots n Shoots" Root Starter Fertilizer which will contact the Sod Roots directly and promote a Rapid and Deep Establishment. Next, The Fun Part! The Sod Installation! We provide our "Certified Same Day Fresh" Premium 100% Kentucky Bluegrass Sod for Installation. Our Sod is TWCA Drought Certified and because it is a Full 100% Mixture of Bluegrass, you get a lawn that is 20% more dense than other similar blends. That's 20% more Blades, 20% Deeper Green and 20% Thicker Cushion for the Kids to Run around on!

Once this is Done, we provide one more Roll to reduce any potential air pockets and then its off to the races with Watering and Establishing your New Lush Lawn.

Sod Replacement prior to Sod Installation
Bobcat Services Yard Rip Out Calgary Sod
Sod Replacement and Installation Calgary Sodfather
Residential Sod Rip Out and Replacement

We have all been there, A yard that we have Fought to Keep Alive for more summers than we really should have. Year over year, more weeds creeping in, your grass thinning out and your reminded of a simpler time, where all it took was a little water and fertilizer to keep Joe from across the Street Jealous. We Get It! Sometimes a Fresh Start is what you need, and that's a great thing, because a Newly Replaced Lawn will not only give you something to Marvel at, but something to be proud of! Get Outta Here you Old Weeds! Bring on that Lush Premium Kentucky Bluegrass!

Our Replacement Process is Simple and Our Pricing is Based on Your Specific Needs, that way, You Aren't Paying a Bloated Cookie Cutter Price, and Only Pay for The Services You Require. An example of this, is planning the project in a way as to reduce our footprint on your property. We won't quote you on using a Skid Steer just for the sake of it. Some projects require a Sod Cutter, some a Walk Behind Skid Steer, and some a Standard Skid Steer such as a Bobcat. We will discuss and confirm with you, the best course of action for your individual project.

A Typical Replacement starts with the crew working along the Perimeter of the Property. This is done to ensure machinery does not operate too close to existing fences, buildings and other structures. As this is happening, the interior of the area is excavated and removed. a Typical Replacement includes digging down (Excavating) anywhere from 2-6 inches Based on the Condition of the Area. Why 2-6 Inches? Because nothing is completely square so some areas may need to have a little less removed and some a little more removed. The goal here is to get down to a clean slate, to fill the area with Fresh Topsoil. Included in every Replacement is the Hauling Away of any and all Excavated Debris. 

From There, we Provide Our Standard Installation Services Listed Above.

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