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DIY Chapter 1: Part 2 - Annual Bluegrass

Welcome Back to The Sodfather DIY Sod-U-Cation! Where we look to help take you step by step through your own Sod Installation, while informing you of all aspects that need to be considered to complete it successfully!

In the First Section, we started our Weed Identification with Quack Grass, one of the most common Weeds that we will see in Alberta.

We looked at how it Grows, and The Effects it can Have in Your Existing Lawn, as well as the potential to Invade Your New Sod Installation.

In Part 2, we look at another common weed: Poa Annua, or Annual Bluegrass. These pesky weeds may sound like they belong in a Bluegrass Blend of Premium Kentucky Bluegrass, however, they are imposters! and can have a very Damaging Effect to your Lawn, or Sod Project.

So as we take our next step to having the best Lawn in the block, lets take a few minutes to discuss what exactly Annual Bluegrass is, and why you certainly Do Not Want it Mixing in with Your Sod.

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