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DIY Chapter 1: Weed Identification and Understanding Quackgrass

Welcome to Chapter 1 of Your Sodfather DIY Sod-U-Cation!

So You‘ve Decided That Its Time... Your lawn is now nothing more than an eyesore to you and your neighbours. And every time you drive by the Peterson‘s, you can’t help but gaze at their lush premium Kentucky bluegrass sod. It’s time for you to get some of that good stuff! Then you ask yourself, “Should I Seed? Fertilize? I have tons of that thick, weed type grass already, maybe I can just fill it in!”

So you seed, and fertilizer your lawn. Nothing happens, and you feel like you have thrown your money away. Don’t Fret! This is a common occurrence for many first time DIY Landscapers.

There are a number of factors that go in to preventing the lawn repair you so desperately need. In order to achieve the success you hope for, and to make the Petersons Gush over Your New Lawn, You will first need to understand some of the basic issues that occur in older, depleted and weed infested lawns.

In this section, we discuss the most common Noxious Weed in Alberta:

Quackgrass. We see it everywhere we go in our daily lives. taking over sidewalks, mulch beds and even existing sod!

The Key to Eliminating It, is to Understand its Nature.

The Chapter 1 Video is Your First Step to achieving a Lush, Green and Beautiful Lawn for years to come!

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