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Fall Guide to Sod Establishment

The Days Are Cooler And The Streets Are Lined With Beautiful Autumn Colours. You Decided To Redo Your Front Yard And After Ordering From The Sodfather Sod Supply, You Finally Installed Your Sod.

Then You Ask Yourself, “What Should I Do To Help This Sod Before Winter?!”


Welcome to The Sodfather Sod Supply’s DIY Sod-u-cation, Fall Establishment Guide!

Fall can be an optimal time to install Kentucky Bluegrass Sod. The Sun is Lower, Which means the temperatures are more mild and the soil is at an Optimal temperature for root growth.

This can be a great time to install sod, as the sod won’t have to work as hard to establish itself. With this comes a great opportunity to a late season sod installation, but with great opportunity, comes great responsibility!

Establishment Maintenance is Still Required - In Fact it’s Vital to Your Sod Withstanding the Harsh Alberta Winters.

In this video, we will cover the reduced watering requirements, the timing adjustments and why it is so important to fit in as much mowing as possible to promote a healthy root system Within your new Premium Kentucky Bluegrass Sod Installarion.

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