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Watering and Establishment Guideline For Your New Sod

So, You have just spread you Free Fertilizer and Installed some Premium 100% Kentucky Bluegrass Sod from The Sodfather Sod Supply. You know it needs water, but you are not sure how much! Well, we have you covered. The Sodfather Sod Supply provides homeowners with Manderley Turf's TWCA Drought Certified Less Water Sod. Due to the high quality of this turf, it is essential that you follow Manderley Turfs Establishment Guide as well as the Watering Guide Below.

Even Drought Tolerant Lawns Need Water

Please remember that grass, well, is still grass! In order to maintain the Lush Green Look of the Grass, It is crucial that you continue to follow the watering guide below.


If your grass appears to be turning pale, or the blades shrinking, More Daily Watering is Required.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. It is best to water around Dawn, or as early in the morning as possible.

  2. If you cannot water in the morning, the best alternative is so water in the evening. Please be aware of Fungus from moisture collecting overnight.

  3. Avoid watering during Mid-Day heat, as you lose the majority of the moisture to evaporation.

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