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New Sod Installation Guide


Look how far we have come! From Identifying Weeds, to Soils 101, to now Finally! Sod Installation!

Now that you have ordered your Premium 100% Kentucky Bluegrass Sod from the Sodfather Sod Supply, you are ready to Roll!

There is going to be a New Champion in the realm of Lush Lawns once you have completed this Sod Installation!

In this chapter of the Sodfather DIY Sod-U-Cation, we look at the importance of using a rake to get the desired level and consistency for your lawn, as well as discuss the little details that will make sure your new Kentucky Bluegrass Sod is Installed to the Gold Standard in Green.

With the patented Oppo-sod Laying Pattern and the Thorough Watering, Your Lawn will be the Talk of The Town!

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