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Replacing Your Old Grass with Fresh Sod - New Yard Recipe

We have all been there, year over year, busier by the minute. Our once Lush Green Lawn has slowly turned pale. Slowly thinned out. Slowly Dried Up. Weeds have taken over and that once Wonderful Lawn is now a bit of a disaster!

You find yourself asking these questions: “Can I bring this back to life?” “Will over seeding help?” “Maybe aeration will help”

Unfortunatly, when a lawn or yard is the far gone, there is no quick fix. Typically these type of yards consist of a mixture of invasive weeds (quackgrass, annual bluegrass), heavy compaction from years of traffic, and a thin and weak root system for the remaining grass that does exist.

When Breaking Down Each Issue, there are methods to address them individually. These being Non Selective Herbicides for the Weeds, Aeration and Sand to combat Compaction and Overseeding fresh seed to help new blades grow. Individually, the time consumption costs for these methods can add up. Collectivley, The Time and Money spent can be exponential With little return. The other issues when taking this approach, is that this would become a yearly expense.

When you find yourself asking these questions, it is time to consider Replacing your existing lawn.

Using a trusted Landscaping Company such as The Sodfather Sod Supply and Landscape Services is a great idea! Fast, Efficient and Quality Service!

But, in 2020 it is very common to take on the project yourself to help offset costs of the overal project.

if you are looking to Do It Yourself, you have come to the right place. Here are the steps you will need to take in order to successfully replace your old lawn!

Here is the recipe for your DIY Lawn Replacement


- Ryan Brand Sod Cutter

- Freshly Screened Sodfather Topsoil

- Sodfather 100% Premium Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

- Root Starter Fertilizer

- Vehicle for hauling away rip out

- Shovels, Wheelbarrow, Prep Rake, Boxcutter Knife

- Landscape Roller

- Broom for Cleanup

Step 1: Rip Out and Remove Existing Area

Removing the old area to the proper Depth is key! You will need to remove 3-4 Inches of material from the entire area. I know what you are thinking: “THATS ALOT OF DIGGING!” but don’t worry, There is a Better Way! You can Rent a Ryan Brand Sodcutter from your Local Rental Shop. This will allow you to cut out 3-4 inch strips that will easily be able to be rolled up and hauled away.

Step 2: Adding Fresh Topsoil and Levelling

Now you have a blank slate to work with. This is the CRUCIAL STEP. Adding the proper topsoil and levelling it correctly is the most important step of any lawn replacement. You will need to make sure you order enough topsoil for a trusted supplier, Why Not The Sodfather? in order to calculate the amount you need, you will need to figure out the square footage (length x width) and then the dept of your excavation. There are many calculators online to assist in this. You can use this easy website:

Now that you know how much soil you need. You need to start adding it to the area Wheelbarrow by Wheelbarrow. Work left to right across the yard dropping piles. Once you complete one full left to right run, use your prep rake to evenly spread out the loam to the desired height. Repeat these steps while using the rake to adjust level for proper water runoff. Once you have finished this, you will need to fill up the sod roller and run the roller over the area 2-3 times to ensure that the area is nicely packed. There may be some low spots, add soil as needed and roll. At the end of this step it is Crucial that you spread out the Root Starter Fertilizer that comes standard with every Sodfather Sod Supply Order.

Step 3: Sod Installation

This is the rewarding step! You have calculated your square footage and have received your Spectacular Bluegrass Sod from The Sodfather at Incredible Pricing! Now you must install it. The trick to installing sod is to make sure the rolls are always staggered in a brick like pattern. This allows for more water to spread around evenly throughout the lawn during the establishment period. The Sodfather uses its patented “Oppo-Sod Pattern” for installing sod. Sod rolls are laid one row at a time, from left to right, ends unrolled and butted tight to the next roll. Once the first row is done, the sod is then laid right to left. This will create a natural staggered pattern and an Incredible Finish! Once you have installed the bulk of the area, you will need to cut in pieces at the end of each row using the remaining sod and a boxcutter knife. Continue this until the whole area is covered. Finally, fill the Roller half full and quickly roll the area 1 - 2 times to gently push the sod into the topsoil. You are now ready for Watering! But don’t forget to broom up the sidewalks And other areas before the water turns it into mud!

Step 4: Water and Enjoy!

It is crucial to water your sod as soon as it is installed. You will need to water every area within your sprinklers reach for 60-90 minutes. Work from furthest point away from hose bib and back, this is very important because the saturated soil will be Soft and you will leave foot prints that are very difficult to fix. Once you start the watering process, it is crucial to stay off the lawn for the first 3-4 weeks as it will be soft. For full watering guideline, please check out our Blog Dedicated to Supplier Specific Watering and Mowing Guidelines.

Congratulations! You have completed the Lawn Replacement! Sit back have a snack and enjoy your fresh and crisp lawn! And don’t forget to tell everyone where you got the tips and tricks to Do It Yourself.

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