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Sod Establishment Guideline

WOW! Look at that New Sod Installation! Man, does it ever look Great!

Sue from across the road is half complimenting your lush new lawn, all the while, clearly being jealous of it’s Quality.

You have done all the work to get it in, or you have had the Gold Standard in Green, The Sodfather Sod Supply Install it.

Your excited! You went through the Steps to Establishing this awesome new Kentucky Bluegrass Sod, but, your wondering if you have all of the information down correctly?

Not to Worry!

Here is your Step by Step Guide on the Dos, and Do Nots, of Taking Your Lush Sodfather Sod Installation from Install to establishment.

It is critical to water and mow your new Kentucky Bluegrass Sod and The Sodfather is here to remind you of all the things needed to keep Sue from across the Road Jealous for Years to Come!

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