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Sodfather DIY - Sod-U-Cation

Introducing the One Stop Shop for all you DIY Sodding Needs. in 2021 we have harnessed the sod knowledge of the Sodfather himself to provide you with in depth details of the whos, whats, hows, and whys of your next Landscaping Project.

With the Sodfather DIY (Do It Yourself) Sod-U-Cation, we will provide you with not only the step by step instructions to completing your project, but also real technical insight into Why these things matter to the overall long term health of your yard.

From Weed Removal of Quackgrass and other Pesky Weeds, To Knowledge on Top Soil and the Key to a proper Growing Medium, to the Botany and Biology of our 100% Premium Kentucky Bluegrass Sod, We are here to ensure that you can Complete your Very Own Project, with that Amazing Gold Standard Finish that the Sodfather Sod Supply Delivers with Every Landscaping Project.

We Look Forward to Rolling Up our Sleeves With You in 2021, whether it be a simple Sod Installation, a Total Yard Rip Out, Mulching Garden Beds or addressing Drainage Issue. With the Sodfather you are Family, and We Look Forward to doing this Together!

Keep an Eye Out as we Roll Out our Video Series leading Up to May1st, 2021.

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