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Sodfather DIY Sod-U-Cation: Soils 101 (The Foundation For a Successful Sod Installation)

Welcome to the Soils Section of the DIY Sod-U-Cation!

Do you suffer from SD? You are not alone! Soil Deflocculation is a very common occurrence that can greatly impact your yard in a negative way!

Knowing the basics of Soil is very crucial when looking to complete a Sod Installation. Soil is the very Base with which your New Sod will sit on, and therefore it is the very first step to achieving a Lush Lawn that will be the Envy of The Neighbourhood.

In This Section, we look at the effects of Compaction (Soil Deflocculation), why your soil needs to have good Water Holding Capacity, and Finally, CLAY and why you do not want it in your top layer of soil!

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