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The Sodfather Spring Start Up Special - You First Step in Repairing an Existing Lawn

The 2021 Season Has Begun! Thank You For All Your Wonderful Support in 2020!

With a New Season, it brings New Savings. We are Happy to announce that our Spring Start Up Special will be Available April 1st, 2021 for all the Rough Areas You may want to fix.

What is the Spring Start Up Special & Why are we Providing it?

Well, we take great pride in listening to the needs of our customers. One thing that we noticed was that a lot of folks, especially those with dogs, prefer to try and repair their lawn before going to a full replacement. The issue is, that in order to get the quality products they need, they end up driving to different places and spending too much money on products not designed for Calgary’s Climate. If you have a bluegrass blend of grass, by adding in a generic seed mixture from a big box store, you are adding in something that will not blend properly & will only make your lawn look worse. So with that, we want to be able to provide a Fast, Affordable and Quality Alternative for folks.

Giving Value Back is Always Our Goal!

For under $100, we will provide you with: - a Bag of Lawn Repair Bluegrass Seed. - a Bag of Spring Formula Fertilizer to Jumpstart your Lawn. - a Huge Bag of All Season Fertilizer to keep your lawn lush for years to come. - 6 Rolls (Once Available) of Fresh 100% Kentucky Bluegrass Sod for Patching of Problem Areas. We are Really Looking Forward to Hearing from you in 2021!

The Sodfather Sod Supply

The Gold Standard in Green

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