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Shipping, Warranty & Returns

Sod Calgary Sod Supply Sodfather Bluegrass Sod

Shipping Policy

The Sodfather provides a Uniquely Original method to Shipping Sod and Landscaping Products. As Calgary's Original Online Sod Distributor, we have Refined our Shipping Process to Provide you with Farm Fresh Kentucky Bluegrass Sod, and High Quality Products, Delivered To Your Door with as Little as a Few Hours Notice! Although We do Offer Next Day Delivery of all of Our Products, Due to our Efficient, Flexible and Customer First System, we are able to provide you with High Quality Service on Short Notice.

This is due to the fact that we Ship our Sod directly from the Farm and Offer our Certified Same Day Fresh Guarantee for every order. We offer a distinct Customer Advantage: We are not a Garden Center. These businesses order their Sod in Bulk, and sit it in the sun until someone makes an order. Our Sod is Cut to Order, for the Date and Time you Need, Ensuring Freshness and Quality. We are also not a Guy with a Truck or General Contractor that is Selling Sod on the Side because they think they can take advantage of people to make a quick buck! We have a Rich History of Projects, Photos and Customer Reviews for a reason. Deeply Rooted in Calgary, we Believe the Customer Experience is the Key to Success and that starts with unparalleled delivery of our Products.

Front yard sod replacement and sod installation

Warranty Policy - Weeds

It is Generally Not Possible to Warranty against Weeds that may arise following a New Sod Installation because the growth of Weeds is influenced by a variety of factors outside of the control of the Installer / Supplier (Sodfather) or manufacturer (Turf Farm). Weeds are natural and resilient plants that can grow in a wide range of soil and environmental conditions, and their seeds can be present in Neighboring Soils or carried in by Wind, Birds, or other Animals. Even if the Installer takes precautions such as Preparing the Soil, adding Fresh Topsoil, and laying the Sod properly, weeds can still appear. Additionally, some types of weeds can lay dormant in the surrounding soil for years before germinating, making it difficult to predict and prevent their growth. For these reasons, it is typically not feasible to warranty against the growth of weeds following a new sod installation.

Playground Sod Installation Inner City Calgary

Warranty Policy - Pet Damage

Pet urine can have negative effects on lawns, soil, and the pH of soil. When pets urinate on lawns, the high concentration of nitrogen and salts in their urine can burn the grass and create unsightly brown spots or patches. The urine can also alter the pH balance of the soil, making it more acidic and less hospitable to plant growth. Over time, this can lead to thinning of the lawn and an increase in weeds and other undesirable vegetation.

In addition to affecting the appearance of the lawn, pet urine can also have a negative impact the pH level of the soil, with the urine causing the soil to become more acidic over time. This can further exacerbate the negative effects on the lawn and soil quality, creating an environment that is less hospitable to many types of plants., such as New Kentucky Bluegrass Sod.

Overall, it is important for pet owners to take steps to minimize the impact of pet urine on their lawns and soil. This may include training pets to use designated areas for their bathroom needs, as well as regularly watering affected areas to dilute the urine.

That Being Said: Always call us in the event that a Roll or Two of Sod Needs to be Replaced and We will Happily Take Care of you!

Return & Exchange Policy

Returns and Exchanges of Sod and Landscaping materials can be tricky! But so is the Weather in Calgary! We Also understand that Plans Change and Life Happens. With Communication, The Sodfather is always open to finding the best solution for you.

Returns/Exchanges on Sod - Sod Orders May be Cancelled 24 Hours Prior to Delivery Date. Orders May be Postponed Prior to 6:00pm the Day before Scheduled Delivery. Because Sod is Perishable, Once your Order has been Harvested the Day of Delivery, we can no longer offer a Refund on this product. That being said, Please Call us the Morning of Delivery in the event of an emergency and we can always look at options to find a solution for you.

Weather Delays - Whether it is Sod or Landscaping Materials such as Soil, Rock, or Mulch, it is virtually impossible to do a great job when the weather is bad. When we get rain, it effects our ability to Harvest Sod and Provide Usable Soil as things become very muddy. We simply do not recommend that you landscape in poor weather conditions. To that end we are extremely flexible in Exchanging the Delivery Dates of your Products. As we anticipate these weather events, you will likely hear from us to confirm a new date for you and so you never have to worry about being charged for soil or sod, having it delivered in the rain and then trying to exchange or get a refund on product you cannot use.

Returns/Exchanges on Bulk Materials - Please See Sod Exchange Policy, Soil will be Subject to same Cut Off time as Sod. Rock and Mulch Orders may be delayed or cancelled no later than 10pm The Day Prior to Delivery.

Sod For Sale Calgary Sodfather Sod Install Landscaping Bluegrass Sod

Warranty Policy - Drainage

Grading is the Foundation of a Professional Installation. We offer a Warranty for the Leveling and Drainage work that we complete on your property. This warranty ensures that we will address any issues that arise due to defects in the materials used for your landscaping project within a specified period of time after completion. For leveling, this means that we will cover any problems related to settling or shifting of the ground. For drainage, we will address any issues related to water pooling or erosion due to excess moisture. Please note that the specific terms and length of the warranty will vary depending on your project and that the warranty May Be Voided if you do not follow recommended Establishment and Maintenance Guidelines provided.

a beautiful backyard sod installation in north east calgary

Warranty Policy - Sod

It is important to understand that Kentucky Bluegrass Sod is a Perishable Item. Whether we are Supplying the Sod or Installing it, a Warranty on Sod follows the same Guidelines. These include: Consistently Following the Establishment, Watering, Mowing, and Maintenance Timelines laid out within the information provided. Failure to follow guidelines will Void any Warranty on Sod Products. This will include: Letting Sod sit and Breakdown for multiple days, Minimal/Lack of Watering, Lack of Proper Soil Preparation (for DIY Clients), Laying Sod in Shaded Areas, Lack of Mowing, Chemical Burn from Over Fertilizing.

We do understand that sometimes there are issues that arise and some rolls may have an issue. This may include issues that arise when the Sod is being Harvested at the Farm. In These Instances, it is crucial you call us to discuss the situation and we will communicate with the Farm the issues that may be present. Issues under this category fall under the responsibility of The Turf Farm and as such will determine if and what can be covered. 


There are also times, that maybe a single roll or a couple just don't take. These are typically in small amounts, such as a roll of sod drying out next to a Hot Driveway. In these instances, Always give us a Call as we are Happy to Help with Replacing them when these off chance things occur.

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