Bees, Biodiversity and Water Wise BlueFesue

In the pursuit of sustainable landscaping practices, there's a growing awareness of the critical role that grass choices play in supporting local ecosystems, particularly in providing habitat and forage for essential pollinators like bees.

Enter the Water Wise BlueFescue blend of bluegrass and fescue—a dynamic pairing that not only beautifies lawns but also nurtures thriving ecosystems and promotes biodiversity. Let's explore how this grass blend can benefit bees and other insects while fostering a healthier environment.

Bee-Friendly Features of Bluegrass and Fescue Blend

  1. Diverse Forage: Bluegrass and fescue both contribute to a diverse and resilient lawn ecosystem. While bluegrass offers lushness and a consistent green carpet, fescue's deep root system provides stability and resilience, ensuring continuous forage for bees even during dry spells.

  2. Pesticide Reduction: Opting for a bluegrass and fescue blend can promote natural pest control and reduce the need for chemical pesticides. Healthy ecosystems foster a balance between pests and beneficial insects, including pollinators like bees, leading to fewer harmful impacts on bee populations.

Ecosystem Benefits

  1. Biodiversity Enhancement: The diverse microhabitats created by a blend of bluegrass and fescue support a wide range of insect species, including bees, butterflies, and beneficial predators. A healthy lawn ecosystem encourages biodiversity and resilience, contributing to overall ecosystem health.

  2. Soil Health: Fescue's deep root system improves soil structure and enhances water infiltration, reducing erosion and runoff while promoting nutrient cycling. Healthy soil supports a thriving soil food web, benefiting insects, microorganisms, and plant roots alike.

  3. Water Conservation: Bluegrass and fescue are both relatively low-water-use grasses, making them well-suited for regions facing water shortages or restrictions. By reducing water consumption, homeowners can conserve valuable resources while still providing habitat and forage for bees and other insects.


The Water Wise blend of bluegrass and fescue offers more than just a green carpet—it's a cornerstone for nurturing thriving ecosystems and supporting essential pollinators like bees. By choosing this grass blend and adopting bee-friendly landscaping practices, homeowners can play a vital role in conserving biodiversity, promoting soil health, and fostering a deeper connection with nature right in their own backyard.

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