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Drought Resistant Water-Wise "BlueFescue" Blend $0.40-0.99/Sq.Ft.

Drought Resistant Water-Wise "BlueFescue" Blend $0.40-0.99/Sq.Ft.

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Our Strongest and Most Durable Turf Blend: The Drought Resistant, Water-Wise "BlueFescue" Blend of Sod.

Offering Unrivaled Value in Supplying Calgary's Most Adaptable Blend of Sod. Free Root Starter Fertilizer is Included with Every Order, and Even Better: No Last Minute, Hidden, Delivery Fees! All Deliveries Within the City Limits and Chestermere are Free. With No Pallet Deposit Fees and Our Gold Standard Guarantee, You Can be Certain you Will Receive an Outstanding Product and Service at an Affordable Price.

We Are Calgary's Gold Standard in Green, Striving to Put Value Back Into The Pockets of Our Customers. Our Quality is second to None and that is reflected in our Photos, Products and Reviews.

Each Roll Measures in at 2 feet by 5 feet for a total of 10sq.ft. Which Exceeds the Size of Sod Provided by most Big Box Stores and even some Garden Centers (2x4ft).


About Water Wise BlueFescue:

This Blend is Drought Certified and meets all Low Water Requirements. This Lush Green Sod is applicable In rural areas where there are water restrictions are in place.

Comprehensive Blend of Kentucky Bluegrass and Fine Fescue Varieties meticulously designed to outperform traditional 100% bluegrass varieties, This is Calgary's Most Adaptable Sod, Surviving Any Conditions, especially in challenging urban environments grappling with drought and water rationing. Here's why it stands head and shoulders above the rest:

Unmatched Adaptable Resilience: Our Water Wise BlueFescue is engineered for resilience in the face of adversity. Its robust composition, enriched with a strategic mix of bluegrass and fescue, ensures unparalleled hardiness, making it the go-to choice for lawns under duress from water scarcity and drought conditions. Its Adaptability remains unmatched, as this blend of Sod can Adapt To Full Sun, Full Water, Full Shade, Low Water. In Ideal Conditions you will get the Beautiful Benefits of Bluegrass, with the Hardy Shade and Traffic Tolerant Strength of Fine Fescue!

Deep Rooted for Sustainability: With a root system that delves deep into the soil, Water Wise BlueFescue boasts exceptional water retention capabilities. Its extensive roots tap into moisture reservoirs below the surface, allowing it to thrive with minimal irrigation—a game-changer for landscapes subject to water rationing and conservation efforts.

Built Tough for Everyday Life: From playful pets to bustling foot traffic, Water Wise BlueFescue is designed to withstand the rigors of urban life. Its dense and resilient blades bounce back from the toughest of traffic, ensuring a lush, green lawn that stands up to the wear and tear of daily activity.

Superior Versatility: Water Wise BlueFescue adapts seamlessly to any environment. Whether bathed in sunlight or nestled in shade, drenched with water or subjected to drought, this blend flourishes under all conditions, delivering consistent performance and visual appeal.

Choose Water Wise BlueFescue for lawns that demand more—a safer, superior choice that thrives in drought conditions, while turning heads with its thick, deep green presentation . Experience the difference of Water Wise BlueFescue and elevate your lawn to new heights of beauty and sustainability.

BlueFescue Pricing Breakdown:

All Orders are Broken Down by Square Footage Required. Orders Must be Rounded Up to Account for Each Roll being 10sq.ft. The More You Need, The Lower The Price. Please Note that We Have a Minimum Order of 100sq.ft. for Delivery and That Orders Under 350sq.ft. are Subject to 48-72 Hour Lead Time. Saturday's are Extremely Busy and Quantities are Limited, It is Recommended to Order Your Sod to be Delivered Friday PM so you will have it on hand for Saturday Morning.


Pricing Based on Square Footage:

100-200sq.ft.............. $0.99/sq.ft.

210-490sq.ft.............. $0.90/sq.ft.

500-690sq.ft.............. $0.75/sq.ft.

700-990sq.ft.............. $0.65/Sq.ft.

1000-1390sq.ft......... $0.59/Sq.ft.

1400-2790sq.ft......... $0.55/sq.ft.

2800-3490sq.ft......... $0.49/sq.ft.

3500-4890sq.ft......... $0.46/sqft

4900-6990sq.ft......... $0.44/sq.ft.

7000-9990sq.ft......... $0.42/sq.ft.

10,000sq.ft. and Up. $0.40/sq.ft.


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